biting the bullet: learning coffeescript

I have been fighting this for as long as I can.  I have never understood why so many people are raving about CoffeeScript, but there are so many companies that have made the leap, rave about it, and never look back.  That’s great and all but the idea of writing in a scripting language that compiles to JavaScript seems ludicrous.  Why not just write your JavaScript cleanly?  Why abstract JavaScript with some other scripting language?

The problem is with more and more companies releasing open source frameworks written in CoffeeScript, it makes it hard to use their work, stay current with their updates, and possibly contribute back to them without using it.  So, after months and months of denial, I’ve decided that I have to suck it up and learn CoffeeScript.  I am skeptical about the whole thing, but I’m going to commit to the project fully and write a node app with CoffeeScript.

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