the big server migration – day 4

doing just a little bit of this migration at a time is starting to wear on me. i’ve decided to hunker down and move everything else over. it is turning out that i just happened to pick the problematic sites to migrate over first because the rest of the migrations are starting to move over quite nicely.

the gallery is the last bit that i was nervous about since it was all custom code written about decade ago, but it seems like PHP hasn’t changed much since then so i’m a-ok. not sure if that’s a good or bad statement about PHP, really. i guess it’s more the problem statement of PHP.

i believe the migration is complete. DNS just needs to propagate and we’re pretty much golden.

i was just thinking that i need to figure out how to do domain-based routing with haproxy so entire domains can be reverse proxied over to node. now i need a VM to play with haproxy configurations since i’ve productionalized my only instance. *sigh*

although, with as cheap as linode is, it may be worth it to just spin up a new linode as my dev server to play with. hmmmmm.

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