the big server migration – day 3

ugh, i’m sick and restless so after being in bed all day, i decided to get up and apply myself a little with what else? yet another blog migration to the new server.

i think i’m going to try to migrate 1 blog a day and see how that treats me. it seems EVERY blog has a different issue. this time around, there was some issue with one of the themes that i had been using on the old host that made wordpress silently freak out and fail. http 200. blank screen. no PHP errors. no databases issues. it just didn’t want to work. lovely. i am so over wordpress…if only my users were too.

that being said, i was able to migrate another blog over and am just waiting for DNS to propagate before i call it a complete success.

in the mean time, i’ve been toying around with the idea of a new tech stack to do my development work in. something node based, but i think it’s time for me to finally go through my list of technologies that i always wanted to check out, but never really got to:

  • webpack on a node.js stack
  • has koa’s time come yet?
  • is sails.js the way to go?
  • lazo vs. rendr vs. ezel
  • bootstrap 3 vs. foundataion 5 – when will this ever end?
  • gulp
  • can we realistically embrace web components yet?
  • is react + flux or some variant really that good?
  • speaking of flux, the sheer number of variants that have spawned into existence seems to indicate that the gist of flux is right but there are some gaps that other people are trying to fill.

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