the big server migration – day 2

life is moving along a little better. the blogs migration doesn’t look as bad as initially anticipated. i think i’ve successfully migrated the first blog over. i’ve changed the DNS to hit the new server, so we’ll give it a day or so and make sure that nothing wonky is going on. if all looks good, i’ll get to moving the rest of the blogs over this week and see how quickly i can deprecate the old server.

linode has been pretty impressive so far, i’m quite happy with them. is hosted there and that was enough for me to give them a gamble.

i’m a little anxious about the reverse proxy with haproxy working with named virtual hosts. it *should* all work at this point, but you just never know. that being said, i’m already thinking about my first node-hosted project should be here. maybe i’ll port the gallery over to node, it’s sad that all of my personal work is so outdated and using technologies from years past.

i keep forgetting how conservative ubuntu’s package defaults are. apache2 doesn’t have mod_rewrite enabled and it took me a while to remember how ubuntu enables all of these configurations. it’s very modularized and file-based so you just have to add a bunch of soft links, but it makes it hard for me because i’m so used to 1 big config file. i get the value prop of the way ubuntu does it, and i can imagine all of the tooling that you can build around this, so i guess this shows how long i’ve been out of the game.

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