visual event 2

ever wanted to see what are all the attached event listeners on a page? if the events were attached using some of the popular javascript libraries, there’s a cool little bookmarklet that will show you visually what parts of your page have event listeners bound to them.

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debugging node with

i’ve been using for a little while now on my code projects and i’ve had a few thoughts. first and foremost, what delivers what is promises by giving you a very visual representation of every single line of code executed in real-time. i’ve had hit or miss success with it debugging a non-trivial express-based project. the most common culprit is that appears to consume all of the memory available and just dies a horrible death. i’ve had some other minor issues with the browser crashing out on me as well.

so far, my go to debugging method is still using node-inspector, but hints at some great potential. i’m trying to use it more and see if i can incorporate it in my debug workflow, but the amount of code that it rips through is impressive and daunting at the same time. still, it’s a steal (well, for commercial software, anyway) at $15 and is definitely worth a look.