making the keyboard rate faster on mac os x

i’ve felt that the keyboard repeat rate on mac os x was a little slower than i preferred, even at the fastest setting and wondered whether or not that was something that we can make faster. it turns out that you can override this setting on the command line and go just a little bit faster than what the system preference allows.

run this command in Terminal and you can speed up the repeat rate. i set it to 1, but you can go even faster and set it to 0. make sure you logout and log back in to make the settings go live.

making the leap to sublime text 3

i’ve been holding back from taking the plunge into sublime text 3 because the plugin support for it has been slow to port over to 3’s new architecture, but, tonight, after a fit of frustration with some code, i decided i needed a distraction.

i took an inventory of what plugins i use and it turns out that the plugins i use have been ported over to be compatible with sublime text 3. there’s a great resource can i switch to sublime text 3 that will tell you what shape the plugins that you use are in.

the biggest change i see in my day to day life with sublime text is how sublimelinter works. they’ve completely revamped the way that plugin works. each linter is now a separate plugin that you need to install instead of being packaged together with the main sublimelinter plugin. what this enables which couldn’t happen was that you can run multiple linters for javascript at one time!

i love this because i run both jshint and gjslint on my code and have had to resort to hacks to be able to do this, but now i can do it all.