how to test IE 6/7/8/9/10/11 on a mac

web development these days is great fun. there are many frameworks that help deal with all of the various browser quirks out there, but the only real true test to make sure that your site works in various flavors of internet explorer is still to run the actual version of internet explorer. sure, the browser mode setting does a pretty good job of getting things right and gives you access to some better developer tools, but sometimes you just need to see it in the native browser.

now suppose that you are developing on a pc and you have one version of internet explorer installed, but what about all of the other versions? traditionally, you’d have to set up virtualpc and make several VMs.

the situation gets more grim when you develop on a mac and don’t really have windows machines available to you. what do you do then what you do is run xdissent’s amazing ievms script which will download, setup, and snapshot VMs for IE6/7/8/9/10/11 right there on your local machine. you’re going to need a lot of hard drive space to install VMs for all of those browsers, but it is quite the handy script.

check it out:

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